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When is my final paycheck due?

In Oregon, your final paycheck is due from your employer under the following rules:

  • If you were fired: All unpaid wages are due by the end of the next business day (so if you are fired on Friday, your wages are due by the end of the following Monday).

  • If you quit with at least 2 days’ notice (not counting weekends): All unpaid wages are due immediately at the end of your last shift.

  • If you quit and gave less than 2 days’ notice: All unpaid wages are due within 5 business days -or- at the next regularly scheduled payday (whichever comes first).

  • If you quit but haven’t submitted all your time cards, your employer must pay you the estimated wages owed within 5 days, and then the balance owed within 5 days after you submit your time cards.

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