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Case Results

Making a Real Difference in Our Client's Lives

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While you focus on healing, we work hard to get you results that make a difference.

  • $60,000 workers compensation disputed claim settlement for client who suffered a back injury at work.


  • Rear-end collision in Washington State causing neck and back sprain/strains

    • $50,000 policy limit settlement

  • Client injured when apartment ceiling collapsed, striking her on head

    • $195,000 settlement

  • Client Business Owner received a $180,000 judgment against business partner for wrongfully taken money.

    • $180,000 judgment

  • Car accident in SE Portland when a driver ran a stop sign on SE Belmont and collided with our client, causing him to suffer a back injury

    • $200,000 uninsured motorist benefits settlement

  • Rear-end collision causing neck and back sprain/strains in I-5 in NE Portland

    • Insurance Company offered our client $500; Lawsuit resulted in $25,000 policy limits settlement

  • Bicyclist hit by low-speed car causing knee injury in Washington County

    • No settlement offer from Insurance Company; Lawsuit resulted in $38,000 arbitration award

  • Motorcyclist hit by car that ran red light causing a broken wrist in SE Portland

    • $25,000 policy limit settlement from at-fault driver’s insurance, plus $10,000 from Underinsured Motorist Benefits.

  • Our client was homeless and was hit by car while crossing a street in SE Portland, resulting in broken arm

    • $50,000 policy limits settlement for our client.

  • Bicyclist hit by car that turned into her because the driver “didn’t see her” in North Portland

    • $38,000 settlement

  • Our homeless client was wrongfully accused of shoplifting and falsely imprisoned by security guard at grocery store in East Portland

    • $10,000 demanded from security company’s insurer; $10,000 paid.

  • Rear-end collision that caused neck and back sprain/strains in Gresham

    • Insurance company offered $3,000 settlement, Lawsuit resulted in $9,500 arbitration awar​​d

  • Rear-end collision that caused neck and back sprain/strains to two passengers in Grehsam

    • Insurance company offered $2,500 to settle each claim, Lawsuit resulted in $11,500 arbitration award plus attorney’s fees

  • Intoxicated driver crossed center line and collided with our client in North Portland, causing a shoulder injury

    • $50,000 policy limits settlement from uninsured motorist benefits

  • Our client’s acquaintance grifted $22,000 from her through fraud in Clackamas, Oregon

    • $22,000 jury trial award (appealed from arbitration by different law firm that resulted in a zero-dollar award to our client)

  • Rear-end collision on I5 in Washington caused aggravation of a pre-existing back injury to our client

    • $50,000 settlement

  • Fall from medical exam table because the hospital staff stacked too many mattress pads on it, causing arm injury

    • $15,000 settlement

  • Rear-end accident in North Portland causing low-back sprain

    • Zero-dollar offer from Insurance company; Lawsuit resulted in $18,000 settlement

  • Collision on Marine Drive in North Portland causing neck and back sprain/strains

    • $25,000 policy limit settlement plus $8,000 from underinsured motorist benefits for total settlement of $33,000

  • Driver of a publicly owned Portland city vehicle that ran red light caused our clients neck and back whiplash injuries

    • $19,000 settlement for the passenger

    • $12,500 settlement for the driver

  • Speeding driver collided with our client’s commercial truck on SE Powell resulting in property damage only

    • At-fault driver and his insurance company tried to blame someone else for the accident.  Zero-dollar offer from Insurance company; lawsuit resulted in $13,000 settlement which included our client’s property damage and income loss

  • Motorcycle accident: Our client was riding his motorcycle through an intersection when a car turned in front of him, causing a collision in SE Portland.  Our client suffered from neck and back pain.

    • $21,500 settlement

  • Slip and fall at grocery store in a pool of liquid that caused our client to hit her elbow on the ground, sustaining a contusion and laceration

    • $4,000 settlement

  • Premises Liability Case: Our client accidently stepped onto a broken drainage grate, which caused a shin laceration

    • Insurance company offered $2,000; lawsuit resulted in $5,000 settlement

  • Car accident in Nyssa, Oregon causing shoulder, knee and broken hand injuries

    • $100,000 policy limits settlement

  • Car accident in NW Portland caused when a driver attempted to make a left turn in front of our client, causing her to suffer from a shoulder injury

    • $51,000 settlement

  • Client rear-ended at I-84 offramp in NE Portland, causing neck and low back whiplash injuries

    • Zero-dollar offer from insurance; Lawsuit resulted in $11,000 settlement

  • Client was rear-ended in two separate accidents 2 months apart in Washington County, causing (and aggravating) a whiplash neck injury

    • Lawsuit against both drivers resulted in mediated $60,000 settlement

  • Client was rear ended at a stop light while riding his Vespa scooter, suffering a sprained ankle

    • $12,000 settlement.​

  • Client bitten by bed-bugs at contaminated motel in East Portland

    • $10,000 settlement

  • Client was run off the road on I-5 in Washington when the at-fault driver merged without looking, causing our client to suffer neck and back sprain/strains

    • $25,500 settlement

  • Rear-end collision in SW Portland that pushed our client into the car stopped in front of him, causing him to suffer an injury to his shoulder

    • $54,000 settlement

  • Client rear-ended by two cars on I-205 in NE Portland when he had to stop for heavy traffic that stopped suddenly in front of him, causing an aggravation of a pre-existing back injury

    • $35,000 settlement after filing a lawsuit against both drivers

  • Client bicyclist in SW Portland hit by car while riding across a driveway on a bike path, causing aggravation of a hip injury

    • $50,000 policy limits settlement

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