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Attorney Marc Schworm

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The experienced attorneys at Morinaka Schworm, LLC, will: 


  • ​Help you to understand your rights under your insurance policy and the law.

  • Investigate the facts of the accident, gather evidence, and talk to witnesses.

  • Develop your case to find the liable party and assess your damages.

  • Deal with the insurance adjusters assigned to your claim.

  • Demand compensation for your medical bills, injuries, and lost wages.

  • ​​File a lawsuit, if you choose to sue, and take your case to trial before a jury or arbitrator. 

Whether it be for recreation, sport, or transportation, the thrill of riding on two wheels is matched only by the additional dangers and challenges that come with navigating our car-and-truck-dominated roads. Even if you wear ATGATT, reflective clothing, and never trust a driver's eyes, being exposed means having less protection. Motorcyclists are at a higher risk for injury when involved in an accident, and the attorneys at Morinaka Schworm have a particular interest in protecting the rights of their fellow motorcycle enthusiasts.  Call today to speak with a qualified attorney right away. Our bodily injury consultations are free, and most of the time we can work on a contingent basis. 

"I utilized the services of this law office for an auto accident, and was greatly impressed with their professionalism, ability to conduct business in a timely manner, and most importantly, the results! … Word of advice: if you are in an auto accident, call this law office immediately."


Kevin S., Yelp Review

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