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Diminished Value

Once your car has been in an accident, it has lost some of its value. If you try to sell your car and the Buyer gets to choose between your car and one that has never been damaged, the Buyer will pay more for the other car. The difference in price is your damaged car’s the diminished value. Depending on your car, this can be a major financial loss to you.

Most people who were in car accident do not realize that the insurance companies will cover this diminished value.  Often, the insurance companies will not tell you that coverage is available.


Representing people in diminished value claims is one of the services we provide for our car collision victims.

Even if you did not receive a serious physical injury from a car accident, your car’s diminished value may be significant.

If your vehicle is

  • Less than 10 years old.

  • Had no previous structural damage.

  • And the accident happened less than 6 years ago.


You may have a Diminished Value Claim.

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Would you pay full Blue Book price for a car knowing it had been in an accident? Of course not, and neither would anyone else. If someone has damaged your car in an accident, you may have a claim for the decrease in the value of your car. This is known as a Diminished Value claim. In a motor vehicle collision, motor-cycle, or commercial truck accident, the at-fault driver’s insurance should offer to have your car repaired. The insurance company should have a collision auto body shop should repair your car so that it has the same function as it did prior to the accident. However, they will not offer to pay you for the decrease in the value of your car unless you know your rights. You should hire an attorney to make sure you are compensated for the loss in your car’s fair market value resulting from the accident.


If the driver who hit you did not have insurance, you can be compensated the decrease in value from your own insurance company.


Regardless of which insurance company is responsible for paying you for your car’s diminished value, having an attorney represent you will make the insurance company take your case seriously!


In Oregon and Washington, a case for diminished value requires certain evidence that a qualified and experienced lawyer can prepare on your behalf. Due to our complex legal system, the insurance companies know you are not likely to prevail on any request for diminished value without a lawyer.


We prepare a case for diminished value while you are going to the doctor, visiting the autobody shop, and getting on with your life. To help you receive the amount you deserve for the loss of your car's, we take qualifying diminished value cases on a contingent basis.

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"I utilized the services of this law office for an auto accident, and was greatly impressed with their professionalism, ability to conduct business in a timely manner, and most importantly, the results! … Word of advice: if you are in an auto accident, call this law office immediately."


Kevin S., Yelp Review

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