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Oregon Law can provide consumers with legal protection in the event of a deal gone bad.  Whether it is the failure of a person or company to perform under a contract, or the result of fraud, an attorney may be able to help you recover money or property that you are owed.  Motor vehicle / auto dealers, retailers, and private parties are all subject to laws that protect consumers from being lied to and taken advantage of, and to laws regarding agreements that they make.  If you think that you have a claim against someone for not keeping up their end of the deal, or for committing fraud, call us to schedule a consultation.

"Chase always understands my client's legal problems and you can tell he does his best to help resolve things in the best way possible. He and his staff are friendly and always helpful during tough situations. I will definitely continue to refer people to him and ask him questions of my own."


Kris W., Yelp Review

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