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We will fight this together.

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A Car or Truck Accident is more than just an inconvenience.

We know you are worried about
  • Your health and the pain you feel every day,
  • How you will pay for ongoing medical treatment,
  • How you will pay your monthly bills while you are missing work.

We help you put it all in the past so you can move on with you life.

You Deserve a Fair Insurance Claims Process.

You focus on healing. We work on everything else.

Let us get to work for you

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We know how frustrating the claims process can be.

You should not have to worry about
  • paying for medical bills;
  • being without transportation;
  • missing a paycheck because you are not able to work;​
especially when the accident was not your fault.

We help make the process easy for you

  • We make sure the insurance adjusters do not bother you with surprise phone calls and visits;
  • We make sure you get the benefits of your policy;
  • We save you time.

Our simple process helps you get back to your life


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Focus on Healing while We build your case.


Get back to your life while we prepare and negotiate your claim.

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I came away from the accident with a totaled vehicle and a back injury due to whiplash.They kept me up to date on my case so I could focus on working with the doctors while they represented my case to the insurance adjuster. I was happy about the settlement they got me."

- Isaac S.

When should you call an accident attorney?

If you have suffered an accident, our lawyers help with every aspect of your case.

Gym Workout

Pain & Suffering

Physical and Psychological Pain are a common result of motor-vehicle accidents. Get a fair amount for your pain and suffering and get back to your active life.

Friendly Young Doctor

Denied Medical Payments

Insurance (even your own) may wrongfully deny payments to your treatment providers. Do not be left with medical bills that were not your fault. 

Looking Out the Car Window

Lost Car Value

Your vehicle will have a reduced value following an accident, even after repairs. Do not let the insurance forget to offer you compensation.

The Claims Process should be fair, especially for working people.

  • The insurance company has its own financial interests in mind, not yours.

  • The adjusters work for the insurance companies, not for you.


  • You may be offered a settlement before you can fully investigate the amount of injury or property damage you sustained.

We make sure the insurance company hears your story.

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